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Have Your Edges When This is Over

by Ebony Crown 16 Sep 2020

Keep Your Edges When This is Over

Onyekachi Amadi 
Co-Founder & CEO of Ebony Crown. 

Welcome to Ebony Crown!

As the first official blog post we want to welcome you to our site.

Ebony Crown was created to curate black owned hair and beauty companies all on one site. We aren't the first to do it but we want to be the best.

If you are a black entrepreneur in the hair/beauty industry and want to sell your products with us - please contact us at or hit up our Live Chat!

To our first post: Keep Your Edges When This is Over

The hair salon is closed and out of boredom maybe you took that protective style out to play with your hair for a bit. I know I've definitely been doing it

That's fine but the last thing we all want is BREAKAGE

Here are my 3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Your Edges Intact:

Keep it Moisturized

  • Thank goodness more people are learning that moisture for our kinky coiled hair is a GOOD THING. I like to use rose water for my 4b/4c hair (which not only is a natural antibacterial toner but also great for growth). 
  • After I spritz it all over my hair - currently my hair is in cornrows - I use an olive oil hair lotion and massage into my roots and over my braids. You can also use hair oil.

Keep it Clean

  • I use a scalp cleaner in between my washes (I wash every 3 weeks) so my scalp isn't itchy.
  • I co-wash every other wash cycle but do what feels right for your hair!

Deep Condition is GREAT

  • I've managed to grow my hair rapidly by deep conditioning with rice water. I deep condition with rice water once a month and sure it smells awful but that protein is something beautiful. (Make sure you do a strand test to make sure your hair can handle the protein)

That's all for now. Have a hair method you swear by? Comment below we'd love to see it!

Stay safe during these crazy times!!

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