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7 Low Porosity Hair Products You Need

by MEiiYO Beauty 12 Jan 2023
low porosity hair products

Finding the right products for Low Porosity Hair

When it's hair wash day and you can feel that the moisture isn't reaching your hair strands or you often have product build up - it's a sign you probably have low porosity hair. 

Low Porosity hair is that does not allow for easy absorption of moisture. An easy way to find out if you have low porosity hair is by doing the hair porosity test. If your hair strand floats in a cup of water it means you have low porosity hair. That being said you can still moisturize your hair with these products and steps to ensure your hair gets the moisture it needs.

1. elvis + elvin Purifying Shampoo with Sea Salt

So much of the focus with low porosity hair is water retention. While that is incredibly important with low porosity hair, product build up is common because of the tight hair cuticles. Using a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up is important to healthy low porosity hair. 

2. KITSCH Tea Tree + Mint Clarifying Shampoo Bar

KITSCH Tea Tree + Mint Clarifying Shampoo Bar is a not only a great clarifying shampoo for low porosity hair that removes product build-up and excess oil but, also cleanses the hair without drying it out. This shampoo bar is completely free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and artificial fragrances. The best part? Reduces the use of single use plastics as the shampoo bar is equal to two full plastic bottles.

3. KITSCH Coconut Deep Repair Conditioning Bar + Mask

KITSCH Coconut Deep Conditioning Bar + Mask is perfect for deep conditioning. When you have low porosity hair, the hair follicles are tight so deep conditioning with use of body heat will open up the hair follicles and allow moisture to enter. 

4. Masami Mekabu Hydrating Conditoner

Hydration is key with low porosity hair and Masami's Mekabu Hydrating Conditioner does an excellent job of hydrating hair. The conditioner is packed with anti-oxidants and is safe for color-treated hair (colored hair squad rejoice!). With no parabens, sulfates, and phthalates this conditioner is good to use with all hair types and textures. Plus - it's vegan! (no animal testing)

5. Masami Mekabu Hydrating Shine Serum

In a perfect world we wouldn't add heat to our hair or style it as much as we do. But if it has to be done it's better to use a product that is lightweight, and is botanically hydrating. Masami's Mekabu Hydrating Shine Serum protects from thermal protection, and does not weigh hair down which is a must when dealing with low porosity hair.

6. Dr. O Butters Moisturizing Hair Milk

When it's time for hair styles whether protective or otherwise you want to use a moisturizing product that softens, and defines your curls. Dr. O Butters Moisturizing Hair Milk is completely a clean moisturizing product that contains Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil. 

7. Majenye Chebe Hair Souffle

Majenye's Chebe Hair Souffle is the perfect leave-in conditioner for protective hair styles and leave-outs. This hair souffle is infused with Chebe powder and nourishing natural butters that promote elasticity and keeps the hair hydrated.

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