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Dry, Crunchy 4c Hair?

by MEiiYO Beauty 16 Sep 2020

why is my 4c hair so dry

It's hair wash day. You've got all your products lined up. It's time-consuming but it's always worth it. Hair washed, lightly dried but when you put your hands through your hair....something feels off.

You feel the crunch in your hair - like grabbing a bag of chips just opened and crushing it to bits. Why does your hair feel so dry, so crunchy?

Let's talk about how to end the crunch and have moisturized 4C Hair!

Let's Talk Protein

If you haven't read our last blog post on hair should. It's a quick read and will help you understand the science and construct of our hair.

Low Porosity hair? Your hair cuticles are tight which means it's harder for water and moisture to be absorbed.

  • We get that protein treatments are all the rave...but with low porosity hair your hair has plenty of protein to begin with. Stay away from the protein treatments and that includes rice water. Too much protein can make your hair dry and brittle. To get rid of protein overload - wash with a clarifying shampoo and you will gradually reduce the protein build up.

Keeping Moisturized

Keeping your hair moisturized is a MUST to avoid dry hair.

Low Porosity? Make sure to use a protein-free deep conditioner. Use a hair dryer or shower cap wrapped with a towel to allow your body heat to open up the hair follicles. This will allow the water and moisture to be absorbed properly. 

When it comes to 4c hair - especially 4c hair that is low porosity it's important to deep condition.

MEiiYO recommends Ada's Chebe Hair Mask ($24.99) as a great deep conditioner. This is not a leave-in but to be used after shampooing.

High Porosity? Repeat after me. Moisturize and SEAL! Moisturizing alone is not enough because your hair cuticles are open. You need to seal to ensure the moisture stays.

The oils you use as your sealant also matter because you want to use an oil that has a larger molecular weight.

A favorite of ours: Majenye Fenugreek Hair Souffle ($53).

To seal your hair we recommend using an oil that contains argan oil, rose-hip oil, and/or jojoba oil. These ails have large molecular weight and won't be absorbed.

Check your hair porosity! Knowing your hair porosity can ensure you know what products and how you should use it.

Prevent protein buildup by using a clarifying shampoo during your hair wash day

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! The name of the game is water retention. Making sure your hair stays hydrated is essential to keeping your hair soft.

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