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5 Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin

by MEiiYO Beauty 11 Jan 2023
Benefits of Shea Butter For Skin

You've probably heard of shea butter or know of a product that uses it. But did you know Shea Butter has been used in many countries in Africa for centuries? They have always known the amazing benefits of shea butter for skin and you will too.

What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter is a fat that is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. The shea tree grows in over 21 various countries in Africa.

Shea butter is made by drying and roasting the shea nuts. Afterwards the shea nuts are crushed until they begin to form a creamy whitish paste which is what is then used for cooking, cleaning and cosmetics.

What are the Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin?

1. Safe for those with nut allergies

Even though shea butter comes from nuts, it's completely made of fat so it's allergen-free. Although it should be noted that raw shea butter does contain latex so, those with latex allergies should make sure they use only with refined shea butter.

2. Relieves Dry Skin

Due to the fatty composition of shea butter it's perfect for those with dry skin. Not only does it lubricate the skin but it also provides a moisture barrier to help keep the skin moisturized. A favorite of ours that contains shea butter and does an amazing job at relieving dry skin: SKNMUSE Madagascar Vanilla Body Butter ($36.50)

3. Improves Eczema with Continued Use

For those who suffer from eczema, their skin does not have enough fatty acids in the skin - which means the skin barrier (that protects our skin from irritants and germs) is unable to protect it from infections. 

Most standard eczema treatments include using balms and ointments to seal in moisture in the skin and protect it from germs.

Due to the fatty content of shea butter including linoleic acid, it has been proven to be better at reducing eczema symptoms than products with petroleum jelly.

4. Contains Anti-Aging Properties

Shea butter contains two antioxidants which aid in anti-aging: Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A increases the skin turnover rate which smooths the skin's surface. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps the skin plump and prevents it from sagging.

Shea butter is jam-packed with Vitamin E which is responsible for boosting moisture and preventing damage to our skin on a cellular level.

5. Soothes and Relieves Irritation

Shea butter contains various anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation and reduce swelling. Products containing shea butter are perfect for many forms of irritation from bug bites to sunburns.

Shea butter has many properties and has been used for centuries because of it. With numerous qualities to list there are so many good reasons to incorporate a product with shea butter into your regimen.

With so many benefits of shea butter for skin - there is a reason why shea butter is used in various cosmetics as well as soaps sold in the U.S and worldwide.

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