Editor's Picks: The Best of August

September 18,2021


August is typically peak summer season when the heat really gets cranked and lounging by the pool is a must. This time however we at Ebony Crown were on the move so these picks were products that kept our skin smooth in high altitudes, soft no matter the temperature and hair hydrated no matter the occasion.

Majenye Coffee Body Polish



If you've never used a body polish before we'd recommend you give it a try. Body polishes are like facials for your skin. Not only does it exfoliate dead skin leaving your skin smooth but it also helps to remove oil and dirt from the pores. This body polish from Majenye makes exfoliating a treat with its coffee-infused crystals. It leaves you feeling refreshed and smooth.

Onyekachi: I went from never drinking coffee to now enjoying a cappuccino and exfoliating my body with Majenye's Coffee Body Polish! 

Maggie: When my skin started peeling from traveling to a place in high altitudes I knew I needed something that would exfoliate but also wouldn't destroy my skin moisture barrier. Majenye's Coffee Body Polish did both and I'm in love.

Brand: Mullein and Sparrow

SolaWave Wand by SolaWave

Red light not only reduces inflammation and redness but also stimulates collagen for younger, plumper skin.

Onyekachi: What I love about this wand is that it's safe to use on all skin tones. As a dark-skinned woman I often get turned away from getting to try and use beauty tools because they typically aren't safe to use on dark skin tones. This is not one of those. I have dark marks/hyperpigmentation from breakouts and the wand has helped lighten them and preventing new ones from forming when I do breakout.

SKNMUSE Mentha Body Butter



It's safe to say that the Ebony Crown Team is very much Team SKNMUSE. Not only because they were one of the first brands to join when we started but also because the brand of SKNMUSE is luxury in every way. It seems that we keep finding new scents to love!

Onyekachi: Do you remember those peppermint patty commercials? They would say it's like being on top of a mountain? Well that's how it feels when you moisturize with the Mentha body butter. The best feeling is when you apply it fresh out of the shower and your skin feels so cool and refreshed.

Maggie: I love when I shave my legs in the shower then apply the Mentha body butter when I get out. It's probably one of the best sensations I've ever experienced...ever. Not to mention when you apply SKNMUSE's body butters you don't need to reapply throughout the day. You skin stays moisturized ALL DAY.

Masami Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo

Masami's Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo is REALLY hydrating? Why? Because one of the main ingredients is Mekabu, which is the turnip-looking part beneath the wakame seaweed and just above the root, has been shown to activate hair matrix cells, and it has the effect of making the hair healthy, hydrated, shiny and beautiful.

Maggie: I'm not exaggerating when I say this shampoo is a game changer. My hair is no longer dry and my ends are no longer frizzy. I tell my mom, my friends and everyone who will listen about this shampoo.

elvis+elvin Lilac Day Cream



Moisturizing is such an important part of your skincare regimen and it's one that shouldn't be skipped. For one it keeps your skin moisturized but it also supports the skin barriers so it won't get irritated or infected. For those with sensitive skin, elvis+elvin's skincare line was created specifically for you. The Lilac Day Cream is lightweight and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin. The best part? It also contains Niacinamide that diminishes discoloration and evens skin tone.

Onyekachi: I have really sensitive skin and it's hard for me to try new skincare products that won't irritate my skin. This day cream feels so amazing on my skin. It's super light so I don't feel heavy wearing it under my makeup. The biggest selling point for me is that it also helps to fade my dark spots over time.