Onyekachi Amadi

August 3, 2022

What is MEiiYO?

When we first started as an idea in the late summer of August 2020, our goal was to create an online community for curated black-owned beauty brands. As we started to grow, we began to understand the kind of impact we would have not just for black-owned beauty brands but for brands that fell under the umbrella of inclusive beauty. In December 2020 we pivoted to become a curated marketplace for inclusive beauty brands with the goal of becoming the go-to online destination for all things inclusive beauty. 

Even with our pivot we felt that our original name, while perfect for the initial idea, was not a good fit for where we wanted to take our brand. So we decided to make a change and in June 2022 we officially changed our company name to MEiiYO! 

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent your skin for a long time”

- Linden Tyler

What does MEiiYO Mean?

So MEiiYO actually has two meanings: the name came about from a conversation we (Onye & Maggie) had about what we were building. While Ebony Crown as a name that I (Onye) had chosen we wanted a name that symbolized a company being built by the both of us. We liked that it was a partnership but more than that a marriage of ideas and we said "Me and You". Ironically enough Maggie's online handle is Meii while my nickname Onye or Yo....so it is Me and You but also MEiiYO. 

Where are we headed?

  • 01

    MEiiYO Presents

    We are bringing MEiiYO to the real world with in-person fireside chats, brand activations and events that center around curating inclusive beauty

  • 02

    Growing MEiiYO's Community

    MEiiYO is where it is because of the community and we want to reward our community for helping us grow. By creating the MEiiYO ambassador program - ambassadors can get paid for spreading the word of what we are doing here with no strings attached.

  • 03

    MEiiYO Product Development

    We are working on bringing our own personal product to-market that complements the beauty products we have on the platform and re-iterates our mission within the space.