Dry Mask Pack
Dry Mask Pack
DESCRIPTION Hydrate, lift, smooth, and restore skin elasticity with the high-performing collagen trio in our masks: Acacia Collagen, Marine Collagen, and Nattō Gum Collagen. Our Dry Mask Pack is composed of 100% medical grade cotton gauze, embedded with collagen and...
Grape Revitalizing Treatment Mask (x4)
An innovation and advance of plant stem cell technology, Grape Flower and Fruit Stem Cell Extracts protect skin cells against harmful UV rays responsible for 80% of skin aging, helps reconstruct skin tissue, restore moisture balance, and maintain hydration in...
Lilac Stem Cell Treatment Mask 1 x 28ml
This anti-acne elixir is fortified with lilac extract and rosehip oil to alleviate breakouts, redness and acne scarring to refine skin clearance. With the anti-inflammation essence, it effectively reduces excess sebum production and controls acne microbials while fading the inflammatory...
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