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How to Treat Dry and Cracked Lips

by Ebony Crown 11 Apr 2021

Dry and Cracked Lips. The moment you feel it happen you lick your lips hoping maybe that will help. It doesn't. Then you think of all the times your lips weren't dry and cracked.

There are various reasons why you might get dry and cracked lips. Lack of moisture, sun exposure and licking your lips (very guilty of that) are all reasons for your lips screaming HELP. This guide on how to treat dry and cracked lips will run through some tips and remedies to keep you smiling pain-free.

Here are four tips on how to treat dry and cracked lips.

1. Use a gentle exfoliator.

When your lips are dry and chapped they might feel rough and start peeling. Instinctively you will want to bite the skin off but DON'T! When you bite off skin that isn't 100% dead it might lead to bleeding and more pain. (We don't want that!)

By using a gentle exfoliator like a sugar scrub on your lips with your finger it will slough off the dead skin and prep your lips for moisturizing. We love Majenye's Body Polish in Coffee because it has fresh coffee grounds (it really is a nice wake up and leaves your lips feeling awake and smooth)

Majenye Coffee Polish

Majenye Coffee Polish is perfect for gently exfoliating lips with fresh coffee grounds for a nice pick me up.

2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Using a moisturizer on your lips will prevent your lips from drying out further. Lip care is skin care so make sure you are treating your lips as well when doing your nightly skin care routine by putting lip balm on before you go to bed!

Lip balms and moisturizers that contain coconut oil and petroleum jelly are good options.

We love FanLoveBeauty's Vegan Lip Balms that has clinical levels of sea asparagus (shown to boost hydrating up to 6000%) and contains coconut oil to seal the moisture in.

FanLoveBeauty Vegan Lip Balm

FanLoveBeauty Vegan Lip Balm hydrates and moisturizes with superfoods and sea asparagus for 6000% hydration boost. Also the peppermint flavor instantly brightens your mood.

3. Don't Lick Your Lips!

It's so tempting but don't do it! Licking your lips only further dries out your lips as saliva evaporates quickly...your lips will be even drier than they were before.

4. Stay hydrated - inside AND out.

Depending where you are - the air might be dry. Make sure you have a humidifier to use as dry air is terrible to lips. Also drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration will keep your lips healthy and smooth.

Drinking water and minding your business really does keep your glowing all over!

Hydrating is key to treating dry and cracked lips.

By making sure to exfoliate, moisturize and keep yourself and your body hydrated, dry and cracked lips will be a thing of the past!

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