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The Best Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

by MEiiYO Beauty 09 Jan 2023
The best skincare routine for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin have increased dramatically over the past decade. According to a research posted in the Frontiers Of Medicine it has been reported that about 60% to 70% of women and 50% to 60% of men report having sensitive skin. Searching for a skin care product or even creating the best skincare routine for sensitive skin can be difficult when the potential of itchiness, burning, stinging, tightness and dryness can occur.

That's why sticking to gentle formulas where less is more is the best bet for finding the best skincare routine for sensitive skin.

Ingredients to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Skin

"If you have sensitive skin, it is always a good idea to check the ingredients of the products you are using and avoid skin irritants," said dermatologist Elizabeth Mullans, MD, of Uptown Dermatology in Houston. The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) recommends that those with sensitive skin avoid products that are fragrance-free and specifically designed for sensitive skin.

The best skincare products for sensitive skin should not have any scents, astringents, alcohol, or exfoliants. 

It is important to perform a patch test before using a new product to test for a reaction. To do this, apply a small amount to an area such as the inner forearm twice a day for 7–10 days.

The Best Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

1. Cleanser

If you have sensitive skin you've probably experienced at one point in time your skin feeling very tight after cleansing your face. Dermatologists recommend washing your face with lukewarm water only (hot water strips your skin of its natural oils).

Some our favorite skincare cleansers for sensitive skin: the elvis+elvin Lilac Cleansing Gel ($20) and Mullein and Sparrow MANTRA Skin Perfecting Cleanser ($38).

2. Treat

When you are looking for a face serum or face treatment specifically for sensitive skin it's best to focus on products contain hydrating ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides and peptides treat skin and are gentle to be used for sensitive skin.

Some of our favorite face serums and essences are: House of M Beauty Miracle Saffron Serum ($98) and CLE Cosmetics Serumide Serum ($68).

3. Moisturize & Hydrate

Restoring your skin moisture barrier is very important when you have sensitive skin. Normally and tightness and stinging one may feel from products is an indication of a weak skin moisture barrier. 

The best moisturizer for sensitive skin should be simple with ingredients that have been proven to hydrate (hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamide) while making sure to avoid moisturizers that have dyes or fragrance.

A favorite of ours: elvis + elvin Lilac Day Cream ($46).

4. Protect from the sun

Regardless to your skin type or tone, guarding your skin from harmful UV rays will keep your skin protected and youthful. You should always look for a SPF specially formulated for sensitive skin that won't clog your pores,

Physical sunscreens and mineral sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will safely shield your skin from the sun. 

A recommendation we have: Sunshine Days Glow Drops Natural Sunscreen Lotion ($48).

Usually, having sensitive skin is not a sign of a serious skin condition. Some people are simply more sensitive to products that come into contact with the skin.

In many cases, avoiding harsh chemicals, perfumes, and other irritating ingredients in skin care products can help ease symptoms and keep them away. With these tips you now have the best skincare routine for sensitive skin.

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